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46 stats about Public Confidence

Latest research from the Roadmap to Recovery.

Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


Ireland will move into Phase 2 of the re-opening from Monday 8th June.

Ahead of this, two weeks into Phase 2, Core Research interviewed 1,000 adults, representative of the population, to understand their sentiment towards the reopening.


Consumer Outlook on COVID-19


1. Optimism is at an all-time high. 
74% of people are optimistic that Ireland can overcome the COVID-19 outbreak – an increase from 61% in May and 67% in early March, when we did not know a lot about the behaviour of the virus. This optimism is based on the public’s understanding of the COVID-19 crisis and will hopefully translate into consumer confidence.



2. Concern levels eased.
As optimism increases, concern about COVID-19 has declined. As a result of people adopting new health behaviours to protect against COVID-19, those who are very or extremely concerned about COVID-19 is at an all-time low. The percent who are concerned has fallen from 75% of adults in March when the outbreak began, to 59% in May and most recently, just over half (51%) in June.



3. A long road ahead.
However, the public continue to understand that COVID-19 is with us for the long-term, with 70% believing it will last beyond September 2020, including 38% who believe it will be with us into 2021.

4. Hopeful caution remains.
The top five emotions people are feeling are hope, caution, anxiety, acceptance and optimism.





5. Local shops and business maintain the highest level of public approval – with 86% of people saying they have handle the situation well.

6. The Government’s handling of the situation remains high at 77% of the public providing a positive approval rating.

7. Significantly, approval of how other citizens are handling the situation (public solidarity) has increased from 64% in May to 76% in June.

8. Approval of how large companies are handling the situation has declined from 65% of the population in April to 55% in June.

9. Just over half the public (55%) also believe employers are handling the situation well.

10. Banks public approval has increased from 48% of the public in March to 55% in June.



Community & Society: Freedom to travel is key focus.


11. Three-quarters of adults (73%) have wanted freedom to travel beyond 5 km to happen before Phase 2.

12. The majority (59%) believe travel beyond 20 km should happen before Phase 4.

13. Half the population (48%) say they have met up with a small group outside during Phase 1.
Those aged over 35-55 years old were less inclined to do so.

14. While it will be permitted, only 34% would be confident with hosting a home visit in Phase 2.

15. While re-opening next week, only 20% of parents are confident to use playgrounds. The majority (65%) of parents would wait until August to bring the kids for a play.

16. Only 41% would be confident with attending a social event (e.g. wedding) in August.



Retail, Services & Commercial – a cautious return


17. With some now re-opening in phase 2, one in four people (25%) are confident returning to clothes shops, increasing to 64% by mid-July.

18. The same amount of people (24%) would be confident with returning to sports shops, increasing to 45% three weeks later.

19. The majority of adults (56%) would be confident with shopping centres opening before August.

20. Half the population (47%) want barbers and hairdressers to open before Phase 4 (currently mid-July).

21. One in three people (37%) would wait until after Phase 4 to attend dentist.

22. In terms of returning to a bank, 43% of people would be confident to go in June.

23. As electronic/phone stores open, 35% of people will be confident in returning.

24. Similarly, 33% of people will be confident returning to furniture stores in June.

25. 34% are confident to return to pet shops in June.

27. 29% of people are confident to go to a book shop in June.


28. 51% of people have gotten a takeaway in the past two weeks.

29. 29% have visited a DIY store compared to 36% who said in May that they would be confident.

30. 26% have visited Garden Centre compared to 39% who said in May that they would be confident.



Economic – Remote Workers remaining remote


31. Two-thirds of those unemployed as a result of COVID would be confident to return to work before August.

32. In comparison, 42% of remote workers would be confident in returning to the workplace before August.

33. Two in five (41%) would not be confident using public transport before September.



Education & Childcare – September milestone expectation.


34. One in three parents (37%) want schools to reopen before September, however 49% believe September is best.

35. Most people (80%) are confident of colleges opening in September.

36. As working parents continue to juggle work and care, 58% want childcare to reopen before Phase 5 (10 August).



Cultural & Social


37. Looking for a coffee, 43% would confidently return to a coffee shop in early July.

38. Nearly half of adults (45%) would be confident with museums opening before Phase 5.

39. In terms of fitness, 49% would be confident with gyms opening in Phase 5.

40. One in three people (36%) believe places of worship should open before planned Phase 4.

41. By September, 70% of people would be confident about cinemas reopening.

42. Similarly, by September, 69% of people would be confident about theatres reopening.

43. 64% would wait until September to attend a sports event.



Tourism and Travel – A late Summer break?


44. 27% of people would be confident returning to restaurants on or before Phase 3, increasing to 78% by September.

45. Only 26% would be confident with travelling abroad this summer.

46. 41% would be confident returning to hotels in Phase 4 (August), increasing to 76% in September.



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