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Covid-19: Developing a New Strategy

Planning resource available to download.

Andy Pierce, Strategy Director

by Andy Pierce, Strategy Director

Core Strategy

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in a health emergency across the globe. Our health systems and frontline workers are making extreme efforts to combat this challenge. In Ireland, the general public is also adapting and reacting to this on-going crisis, changing behaviours, making new decisions and possibly shaping attitudes which will bring about a new norm.

Since 13th March, the Government has introduced measures and restrictions in order to slow down and stop the spread of COVID-19. These have had a significant impact on every aspect of our daily life.

It has been necessary for commerce and brands to respond to these changing consumer habits and this period of uncertainty needs a plan to work from. While this crisis will be a struggle, with much pain, this crisis will pass and the country will recover. Understanding the three phases to recovery will be critical for organisations, companies and brands.

Core has developed the COVID-19 planning framework which is divided across three distinct phases:

– Adaptation: how people and organisations are adapting to measures and restrictions introduced by authorities.

– Reaction: the changing behaviours and decisions people and organisations will need to make, as measures remain in place.

– Recovery: how business can prepare themselves for new consumer norms when measures are lifted.

At Core, planning for this transition will be led by Core Strategy, with collaboration across all Practices. This is in recognition that managing the crisis as a whole is exceptionally demanding on clients and their agency partners.

Adapt-React-Recover planning will be informed by evidence curated by an Intelligence & Solutions group, focused on gathering the relevant primary research from the consumer market.

We believe that plans should be informed by robust intelligence, and we are committing to develop reports across different sectors and areas including consumer sentiment and behaviour, changing media habits, impact on sponsorship, creative ideas and working life.

Download the Core Covid-19 Planning Framework

To receive your copy of the planning framework as a PDF, simply share your details below. We will email you to see if there is any other information that could help you plan for the year ahead.

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