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COVID-19: What is the nation reading?

PDF report available to download.

Hannah-Louise Dunne, Head of Content Partnerships

by Hannah-Louise Dunne, Head of Content Partnerships

Core Creative

This is part of our COVID-19 series which looks at how to adapt, react and recover.


As the current COVID-19 crisis evolves, Irish people are turning to trusted publishers to address their news and informational needs. As the Core Media Trends report has demonstrated, interest and traffic to digital news providers has increased substantially over the past week and this trend is likely to continue.

Working remotely, Irish editorial teams are delivering news and updates around the clock – while the lead headlines and lead news stories around COVID-19 are evolving and changing day by day.

As the main story around COVID-19 evolves, we anticipate that readers will seek out regular news updates and will supplement this more and more with lifestyle content designed to distract and entertain.

Therefore, we currently see three key trends emerging when it comes to identifying what the nation is currently engaging with.

Breaking News
As the current crisis evolves and official announcements continue to inform the public, readers are searching for the latest updates and information on the COVID-19 landscape here in Ireland.

Analysis & Prediction
Along with understanding the latest breaking news, Irish people are keen to understand and inform themselves around how this crisis will impact both their daily lives now, and in the future, Within this strand, readers are seeking informed analysis and advice which offers clear and comprehensible guidance about what this means for important issues such as their livelihoods, mortgage payments and family life.

Distraction & Entertainment
While the news-cycle continues to update 24/7, readers are also seeking a break from COVID-19 and searching for content that will both distract and entertain them. Popular topics within this strand include lifestyle content such as how-to guides for working from home or entertaining housebound children, to uplifting human interest stories.

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