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Webinar: Data & Analytics – Marketing Effectiveness

Watch: A guide to Marketing Effectiveness

Ronan Brady, Managing Director

by Ronan Brady, Managing Director

Core Data

A guide to crossing the finish line of marketing effectiveness.


In February 2021, Core colleagues presented a webinar as part of the AAI toolkit series. We titled it, “ Running the Marathon of Measurement”. Marketing effectiveness is often seen as a big scary concept that is too big to tackle – much like a marathon.



We explored how to approach marketing effectiveness and all of the different avenues that help improve performance. There is no one size fits all approach to marketing effectiveness; every brand has its own challenges and every brand needs its own plan of attack.  Much like taking on the daunting task of running a marathon, everybody’s mind, body and circumstances are different and so we all need to adapt to the challenges as they arise.

At Core, we spoke with a wide selection of clients to get a better understanding of what people wanted more clarity on in relation to the areas of Data and Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) and the result is this playbook of measurement. We cover a broad approach to the methodologies that can be deployed to better understand what is causal and not just correlation. In doing so, we touch on the following tools for measuring Marketing Effectiveness

  • Brand contribution study
  • Econometrics
  • Incrementality
  • Brand tracking
  • Digital Attribution
  • Platform Level-Measurement


We also cover the basics of:

  • Distinctive assets
  • Brand / Activation
  • ESOV efficiency


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