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How to win on social like Curry’s

3 min read.

Aimee Byrne, Paid Social Manager

by Aimee Byrne, Paid Social Manager

Core Investment

The Christmas season is undoubtedly one of the most crucial and busiest periods for some of our direct response retail clients. Consumers are looking for gifts for family and friends, and most importantly they are looking for a bargain on products they have been waiting weeks to be included in the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course the Christmas sales! Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you may have noticed some new “Collection” formats and Carousel ads that are extremely relevant to you in your newsfeed.

The main thing that we want to do as advertisers is ensure that consumers choose us over our competitors. The rise of social commerce has come leaps and bounds and one way to help our clients makes the most of their existing e-commerce platforms is by switching up our social buying strategy and using Dynamic Product Catalogue Ads. These are product categories or collections built and integrated into Facebook Shop and our Ad Accounts.

How do they work?

Dynamic ads pull items from your product catalogue and show them to people who have already looked at/searched for them online, as well as users who are in market for these products. These ads match items from your catalogue with signals from your Facebook shopping pixel. For example; if a user searches for “New Laptops” in their browser, and there are laptop’s in your product catalogue, they will be served this ad.

Seasonal and Item specific product sets can be set up to only show products from a specific area, for example “laptops”, “TVs”, “Christmas sale”, “Christmas Offers” etc. Ideally a broad prospecting audience would be used for targeting within these product sets.

Alongside this, we can set up a re-targeting audience. We have trialed this previously with excellent results on costs, conversions and strong ROAS (return on ad spend). This retargeting audience will pull in all items from your website and target customers with products that are relevant to them.

There are also a number of options available for the type of retargeting campaign we want to run, whether this is for users who have left items in their cart or users who have viewed the product in X amount of days.

What are the benefits of Dynamic ads?

– One of the key benefits of this format is that only items in stock will show in your catalogue – this alleviates the worry of having  to switch on and off ads depending on availability

– There is no need to source new creative as the images used will pull directly from your website (cover pictures are optional).

– There is no limit to the amount of product sets you can create

– Higher reach

– More granular and relevant targeting

– There are options to choose specific look-back windows

– Clients who have partner integrations with platforms such as Shopify have a much shorter set up time which is something to consider

These ads are very effective but will only work when planned for properly, so engage Core’s social team at the planning stage of your next retail campaign.

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