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News media spends 2019




2018 was another challenging year for the print medium in both markets. Neither the referendum on the ‘Eight Amendment’, our presidential election or the FIFA World Cup could prevent another year of double-digit declines.

In the Republic of Ireland, overall print spend fell by 10.6% to €119.9 million. Within this number, national press titles saw their total advertising revenue fall to €96.8m. The decline in revenue was consistent across agency and direct business. This was compounded by a 4% decline in their online revenues last year to circa €24.5 million. The decline in regional press was less severe but was still down 6% year-on-year, facilitated by more robust direct local budgets.

We predict that the Republic of Ireland print market will contract by 11.1% in 2019 to €106.7 million, with national newspapers falling by 12.0% to €85.2 million.
Northern Ireland also experienced double-digit declines last year, with print advertising revenue down 14.9% to £13.1 million (€14.9m). We predict another tough year in 2019, with spend falling a further 12.2% to £11.5 million (€13.1m).

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