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Online media spends 2019




In 2018, overall online media spend increased by 8.3% to €488.8 million in the Republic of Ireland. This figure includes search, classified and display spends.

Google and Facebook continued to dominate the online media market in 2018. We estimate that advertising spends with Google and Facebook increased by 9% and 29% respectively, bringing their combined revenues to €355 million, or 73% share of the online market here.

Looking to 2019, we expect the overall online market in the Republic of Ireland to increase by 6.3% to €519.5 million. Despite all the issues surrounding Facebook last year, it will continue to increase its share of the online display market from 44% to 49%, with revenue totalling €108 million. This is driven by an estimated 30% growth in video revenue at Facebook this year.

It is important to note that the consequence of Facebook’s growth is a smaller online display market for Irish publishers; we estimate that the remaining display market in 2019 will fall by 5.1% to €89.3 million. This is part of a larger issue that needs to be considered by the Government to ensure that Ireland has a sustainable media market for the future. An independent report (like the Cairncross Review conducted recently in the UK) should be commissioned to examine the state of the news media market, the threats to the financial sustainability of publishers, the impact of search engines and social media platforms, and the role of digital advertising.

In Northern Ireland, we estimate the overall value of the online market was £61.5 million (€69.9m) in 2018. This was an increase of 7.7% on 2017. We expect growth to slow a little in 2019, in line with expectations across the UK. Total online revenue in Northern Ireland is expected to hit £65.1 million (€74.0m) this year, an increase of 5.9%.

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