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European Search Awards 2020



The European Search Awards recognised the work of agencies and clients across the continent. While the awards were remotely presented this year, Core were delighted to celebrate two winning entries.


Trócaire: Discovering the Key Donor.

The first award was for Trócaire, winning the “best use of search in the third sector / not for profit.”

Competition across paid search in the charity sector is extremely competitive around Christmas. As a result, it was crucial for Trócaire to find a way to stand out from the crowd and offer something different. A key factor to our success in delivering this award winning campaign was spending the time, and combing through Analytics to better understand who our target audience was. From this audience understanding, it was a case of laying down and executing a strategy that would best target a slightly older audience.

The proof of success was in our campaign ROI of over 600%.




HomeSecure: Close Collaboration led to Commercial Success.

The “best integrated campaign” was awarded to HomeSecure and highlighted the importance for hyper collaboration and cross channel integration.

Facing the challenge of a highly competitive market and unable to complete in terms of brand awareness, HomeSecure and Core leveraged the flexibility of a smaller business, facilitating better collaboration. Bringing the teams closer together meant that the sales team on the ground could help inform the media teams about the leads being driven. Actions as a result of these learnings could be made with a short turnaround.

Likewise, a close collaboration across the different Practices in Core ensured data was at the forefront of all optimisations made, helping to drive a highly efficient campaign. Tests conducted on different channels provided data insights that were shared across teams, identifying new opportunities. Furthermore, a willingness to trial the latest digital formats opened new ways for HomeSecure to reach their audience and capture leads.

This hyper collaborative effort between the Practices in Core and the Sales and Marketing teams of HomeSecure helped HomeSecure not only expand their business but launch them into international recognition, proving that even the smallest brands can have huge impact.



Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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