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Consumer Mindset – June 21

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Conor Hughes, Client Director

by Conor Hughes, Client Director

Core Research

Over 3.1 million vaccines administered.

When James Vincent McMorrow took to the stage in Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens in early June, there was hope in the summer evening’s air. Smiling faces and sunshine across the crowd gave people watching at home the anticipation that good days are ahead. But of course, as you looked closer, the social distancing and small crowd number reminded us that we are on a slow cautious road to a return to moments we enjoy.

Despite supply challenges along the way, we are getting millions vaccinated, with over 3.1 million doses administered. With over 80% of over 70 year olds vaccinated and even 40% of those born in the 60s getting full vaccination, we are on our way. However, we are cautiously watching the UK, and as the Taoiseach told his colleagues this week, we will be “keeping a lid on the the Delta variant .”

Confidence in the weeks to come.

This month, our Mindset report is comparing our confidence in summer 2021 to our confidence in summer 2020. Both periods of time experienced a reduction of concern. Last year, the first lockdown had pushed case numbers down to single digits resulting in a relatively safe community.

We re-opened cautiously, but ultimately travel into the country re-seeded new variants into the Autumn months.

In 2021, we have a similar pattern of re-opening. Most recently in June, outdoor dining and drinking has commenced and as social gatherings occur, this report explores how confident people are in re-engaging with various parts of the ”Grand Re-Opening.”

Outdoor Summer Socialising

The message that outdoor is safest is definitely cutting through as we see the public are choosing outdoor environments over indoor settings.

This report also highlights that as retail re-opened in May, there was a stronger level of confidence in retuning to the stores, but half the population have yet to return.

The focus this summer will be on re-connection between people, visiting friends and family we did not meet over the past year and remembering those who we have lost.

It will be a summer of outdoor, safe gatherings and brands will need to acknowledge that people will be judging whether a “return to normal” is a good thing for them or not.

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