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A Review of 2019

Stories that matter.

Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


2019 has been a very busy news year. Since 2015, Core Research has been surveying people living in Ireland about the news stories which resonate with them. Our Cultural Index allows us to understand the moments and events throughout the year which impact on people and ultimately shape our culture. Every month we ask 1,000 people, representative of the Irish population about stories they were aware of, and more importantly, the stories which were personally important to them.

Based on these findings, we can rank stories on an Index where 1 is low awareness and low importance and 100 is high awareness and high importance. Many stories in the middle can have a high awareness, but low importance while many stories can have a high importance to a small group of people.

In 2019, we analysed 176 stories and our annual review provides the top stories across a number of categories including global, local, sport and entertainment.







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Our review of 2019 provides an outline of the stories which are important to people living in Ireland. It provides insight into what shapes our culture and is a key read for anyone looking to understand the sentiment of Ireland, as we progress into 2020.

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To receive your copy of the Cultural Index Review 2019 as a PDF, simply share your details below. We will email you to see if there is any other information that could help you plan for the year ahead.

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