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The Brexit Barometer

A research report

Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


As we approach the Brexit deadline at the end of October, we have developed a report outlining how Irish people feel towards Brexit. You can download the full report below which outlines some of the key concerns of consumers, based on our research of 1,000 adults across the country.

How is Brexit impacting Consumer Sentiment?

In recent weeks, the KBC Consumer Sentiment Index has noted how sentiment is at a 56 month low and our State of the Nation report provides further depth to possibly explain this.

There is a high level of anxiety among Irish people, with 3 in 4 people believing Brexit will result in the Irish economy suffering.

Those who remember the Troubles of the past, Older Families and Elders are more likely to be pessimistic about the future Irish economy, while those living on the border are more likely to be stressed, with 36% of people in the border counties saying they have felt stress the most in the past 6 months.


Download the full PDF report


Housing is also a key priority

Despite Brexit uncertainty, Young Adults (aged under 40 with no children) and Young Families (children under 13) say the national priority should be providing affordable housing and this has increased significantly over the past three years. 44% of Young Adults said housing should be the national priority.

In terms of Brexit concern, people are worries about flights, food and fuel, but the greatest concern Irish people have is the impact it will have on peace and security on the island. 69% are concerned about the impact of travel and security at the border, as well as 67% who are concerned about the impact Brexit is having on the peace process and relationships between the UK and Ireland.


Navigating the months ahead

At Core Research, we are working with clients to provide more evidence and information about consumer behaviour in the year ahead.

During this planning season, we look forward to hearing from you about your key goals for 2020.

Download the Brexit Barometer report

To read the report, simply fill in your details to download the PDF.

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