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Europe’s Heatwave tops July’s news stories

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Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


Ireland may have escaped the hot temperatures that Europe experienced in July 2019, but Irish people were extremely aware of the record high temperatures. Young people were particularly engaged, with 74% saying this was important or very important to them. The engagement with this climate story is further evidence that people, particularly the next generation, are concerned about global warming.

Second to the heatwave, and also Europe related, was the election of Boris Johnson as the UK’s new Prime Minister. Irish people who said this was an important story (66%) were also more likely to be concerned about a downturn in the Irish economy. As Brexit rolls-on, Irish people’s sentiment has reached a 56 month low, as reported in KBC’s Consumer Sentiment.

The third story which resonated with Irish people in July, and particularly young parents, was the controversy about creche facility, Hyde and Seek. RTÉ Prime Time investigated a group of creches and up to 675,000 people watched the documentary about the childcare facilities. 84% of Young Families said this was an important news story to them.



The Cultural Index measures the brand campaigns, news stories, debates and topics which occur every month in the country, surveying 1,000 people.

We ask two questions:
– How many people are aware of the news story?
– How important is the story in their life?

From these two scores, we produce the Cultural Index – a 100 point scale indicating how engaged people are with various stories which shape Irish culture.  Since 2015, we have analysed over 800 stories across 15 news categories.


Other stories in July’s report include Shane Lowry, Instagram likes, Centre Parcs opening and the Women’s World Cup.

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