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Green Wave Rising

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Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


In September 2019, young adults continue to take part in climate strikes and according to Core’s Cultural Index, the most important story in August was one specific environmental story – the Amazon rainforest fires. 90% of the Irish population were aware of this event and 85% said it was important or very important.


Green Generation

Young adults were more likely to say the rainforest fires were important to them, and the second most important story for those aged under 40, was how the climate activist Greta Thunberg completed a 15-day Atlantic crossing. 72% of young adults said this was important to them, compared to 42% of everyone else. The next generation is clearly engaged, at a global level, with the green movement.


Pickets, Data and Vaccines

More locally, as pickets continue to be held at meat processing factories across the country, 76% of people were aware of the beef farmer protests taking place in recent weeks and 64% say this is an important or very important issue to them.

A story which had a slightly higher importance attributed to it was how the Data Protection Commissioner questioned the legalities of the Public Services Card. 76% of Older Families (parents with teens) said this story about data privacy was important to them.

Another announcement which resonated with families was when the HSE launched the HPV vaccine programme to include boys in first year secondary school. 84% of Older Families and 62% of Young Families (parents with children under 13) were aware of this news.


End of summer music and sports

In sport, 64% were aware of Tipp winning the All Ireland Hurling final, while 80% were aware that Dublin and Kerry drew in the football (the replay occurred after the research was conducted). Less people (59%) were aware that Ireland’s rugby team suffered a record-breaking defeat to England – 40% of rugby fans said this was important to them. In music, only 21% of young adults said Electric Picnic was important to them, while 33% of people knew about the traffic problems leading to music festival, All Together Now.

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