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Health 2020 research

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Andrew McCormack, Research Executive

by Andrew McCormack, Research Executive

Core Research

Every year, Core Research interviews 1,000 adults about their health management. We focus on three aspects of a healthy lifestyle – fitness (physical), food (diet) and well-being (mental health). Across these three areas, we profile individuals into five segments, which allow us to better understand the health of the nation and how brands can support people in living a more healthy life.

63% of adults rate themselves as “healthy,” with a further 10% believing they are “very healthy.” However, 34% of adults say they pay no attention to what they eat, and 41% exercise less than once a week.

This report outlines the five health groups:

Active+ Foodies: adults who exercise daily and monitor their diet.
Active Foodies: adults who exercise at least once a week and monitor their diet.
Active Non-Foodies: adults who exercise at least once a week but don’t pay attention to what they eat.
Inactive Foodies: adults who pay attention to what they eat, but don’t exercise.
Resters: adults who don’t exercise and don’t monitor what they eat.

Each group has different demands on their life and different need states, and this report provides insight for any organisation or brand looking to support people with a healthy lifestyle.

Download PDF

To receive your copy of Health 2020 as a PDF, simply share your details below. We will email you to see if there is any other information from our health database which can inform your planning.

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