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Optimism Remains Strong

PDF report available to download.

Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


During the second weekend of Stay At Home measures, Irish people are remaining vigilant but optimistic about Ireland overcoming the outbreak of Covid-19. Core Research’s latest wave of consumer data also highlights how people in Ireland approve of how large companies are supporting customers and how we, as citizens, approve of how others are handling this crisis.

Public continue to be vigilant and concerned about Covid-19, with three-quarters of the population saying they are concerned about the Covid-19 crisis. While optimism levels have declined slightly from 67% of adults being optimistic in the first weekend, to 63% in the second weekend, this remains to be a high level of optimism compared to other countries in Europe.


Levels of Optimism.


There is a slight increase in the level of people who are uncertain – rising from 24% of population to 31%. This increase is probably a factor of people not knowing how long these restrictions will be in place. A public health update on restrictions will provide clarity to people. There remains to be a low level (7%) who are not optimistic.

This positive level of optimism is being influence by the solidarity of actions from all stakeholders in society. Across the board, there is a public approval for all stakeholders has risen week on week.

– 86% of people approve of how local shops and businesses have handled the outbreak (+3pts since last weekend)
– 81% approve of the Governments’ actions (+1pt)
– 69% approve of how other citizens have handled the outbreak (+6pts)
– 65% approve of how large companies have responded (+6pts)

This increase in public approval translates into approval of various brand categories which can be found in the full report. Specific brand scores are available upon request.

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