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Predict 2020

PDF report available to download.

Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


2020 has been predicted by Forbes to be “the most volatile year in history,” Therefore, it is naive to make sweeping predictions about the months to come. However, when we reviewed the news and culture of 2019, there were clearly some themes which would influence life in 2020.

Core Research’s Predict 2020 sets out to understand what people living in Ireland are most concerned about for the year ahead. More importantly, it also sets out to understand whether they believe their hopes and fears will come true. This trend forecasting approach puts people at the centre of planning.


Health, Housing
and the Climate Crisis

The top news story of 2019 was the nurses strike in January. In 2020, the country faces a general election campaign. Health and housing will be key areas which political parties will focus on. Hospital conditions improving is the most important concern for people, with 79% of people saying this is very important to the country. However, only 40% believe conditions will actually improve.


People’s Concerns

(what they see as being very important to Ireland)

1. Hospital conditions will improve (79% say this is very important)
2. Ireland will address social and affordable housing (73%)
3. Ireland will prioritise climate action (51%)
4. Brexit will happen in 2020 (43%)
5. People will focus more on their data privacy (35%)


Another prediction which people say is very important is that Ireland will address social and affordable housing. The majority of the population (73%) say this is very important to the country, with just over half of people (55%) saying that housing will be addressed.

The third most important hope of people is that Ireland will prioritise climate action. 60% of people believe this will happen in 2020 (particularly Young Women) and 51% believe it is a very important issue, but older men are less likely to agree.


People’s Predictions

(what they believe will actually happen)

1. Brexit will happen (70% agree)
2. People will invest in smart devices (68%)
3. People will focus more on their data privacy (64%)
4. Dublin will win the All Ireland Football Championship (62%)
5. Ireland will prioritise Climate action (60%)









The PDF report, available to download below includes key data points and commentary on the issues which matter in 2020. It is designed to provide insight and guidance for brands and organisations planning marketing activity which connected with people in 2020.

Download PDF

To receive your copy of Predict 2020 as a PDF, simply share your details below. We will email you to see if there is any other information that could help you plan for the year ahead.

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