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Predict – People’s hopes for 2021

Report available to download

Anne Zahan, Strategy Director

by Anne Zahan, Strategy Director

Core Strategy

This is an extract from the full Predict 2021 report available to download below.

Core · Anne Zahan РPredict 2021 -KCLR The Bottom Line

As we enter our third nation-wide lockdown, public uncertainty has returned and the optimism we might have seen in the first two lockdowns has begun to fade. We explore this sentiment and uncover how that will influence this historic year ahead. This past December, we asked 1,000 adults, representative of the population, what they believed would happen in 2021.

From the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out to the climate and housing crisis, we reveal not only what the public believes will be a priority in 2021, but how important that priority is to them personally. We learn that some past priorities have been shelved for other more important matters, and how this differs by generation.

This report provides an understanding of the hopes and fears of the Irish public at a time unlike any other in history.

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