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Public continue to trust Public Health Experts

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Finian Murphy, Marketing Director

by Finian Murphy, Marketing Director


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Despite the fact that many people enjoyed some holiday time and relaxed after the troubling months of 2020, August was also quite a challenging month for many of us. The increased level of uncertainty about where to next has led citizens to have a growing concern about the COVID-19 situation in Ireland.



With mixed and often confusing messaging about public health guidelines, and the subsequent public outrage about Golfgate, public optimism was also at a low level in August. The approval of the Government declined further compared to last month, however approval of NPHET and HSE has remained high.

There is strong approval and therefore trust in the guidance from public health experts. The Government has promised another roadmap plan on the 13th September about how we will manage COVID-19. This should hopefully see a return of public optimism.

You can download the full report, including charts and commentary by sharing your details below.

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