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Tourism 2021

Research report available.

Lindsey McAteer, Research Project Manager

by Lindsey McAteer, Research Project Manager

Core Research

As the days get brighter, and people try to find hope following a challenging winter, attention is turning to breaks and holidays in Ireland.

With a greater focus on domestic tourism this year, Core Research explores in this report, peoples’ hopes and concerns about taking a holiday beyond our 5km limit.


Key findings

2.3 million people intend to take a holiday this year. Of these, c. 1.3 million will book in a certain month (i.e. June to go in August) and c. 650,000 are waiting until Covid-19 case numbers are at a certain level before they are confident to book a holiday.

71% of adults are concerned that Covid-19 will spread again if people start holidaying; however, over half (56%) of those concerned are still open to holidaying this year. This indicates that even among guests who have booked, it will be necessary for hospitality brands to reassure their patrons of safety and hygiene, while reminding them of the extensive measures being taken to curb the spread of the virus. This should not be difficult to achieve, as 7 in 10 holiday planners believe that hotels and restaurants will have safety measures in place in relation to Covid-19.

One in two holiday planners would prefer to visit a familiar destination this year.

74% agree that they would book a stay if a deposit was returned in the event that Government restrictions disrupted their holiday plans.

Over half (55%) of holiday planners are hopeful that they get to spend time with extended family on holidays.


Download the full report below.



Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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