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Building a Lasting Brand Legacy in Esports

57 min listen

Jamie Macken, Deputy MD

by Jamie Macken, Deputy MD

Core Sponsorship

In this podcast, we are showcasing a panel discussion on eSports which featured on the sponsorship stage at this year’s One Zero.

If you have a bit of a gap of understanding about the intricacies of eSports, then sit down, make a cup of tea and take out the notepad. This panel discussion is superb.

It features Jordan Udko from Cloud9, which is basically a rights holder for eSports, owning rights to a number of players and teams – and, also, Mike Downey from Microsoft who have entered into a partnership with Cloud9 to co-innovate new technologies in esports.

The panel is brilliantly moderated by Jeremy Edwards, director of content at Activative.

The discussion focuses on the commercialisation of eSports, how and why it is of value to an array of sponsors and how the rights holders, players and fans are reacting to and working with brands in this space.

Our key take out?

More than every non-endemic sponsors need to understand the culture of the sport they are investing into. This is true for all sponsorships, but the immediacy of eSports fans to push back or dismiss your brand is unheralded. This is a great lesson for all sponsors their due diligence and get it right by adding value, not getting in the way.

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