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Concept Development Lab

You have an idea for a new creative concept or proposition, and you want to make sure it will excite and connect with your audience.

We know that to achieve success you need to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, while still staying true to your brand.  Our testing process will help you select and evolve the concepts that will best deliver your brand and commercial goals.

We call this solution the Concept Development Lab.

Four key ingredients


Your concept must engage in a meaningful and personally relevant way to the audience.  It must have the capacity to enter the mental workspace and elicit an emotional and a rational impact.

Cultural Appropriateness

Your concept must be consistent with the values, attitudes, beliefs, traditions and history shared by the intended audience.

Brand Fit

Your concept must be clearly linked to your brand.  It must be aligned with brand positioning, DNA and personality. It must create the desired brand feeling among the audience.


The idea must be clearly understood.  It must communicate a compelling message to drive the desired behaviour.

Our Lab provides clear instruction on actions to be taken to develop the concept to the next stage of development.

Steps in our lab


Meet to agree the key success measures and the operational and strategic issues.


Through insight generation tools, identify and understand the context that frames consumer reaction to the concept – Culture, Market, Brand and People


Use a set of agreed metrics to evaluate the concept in the context of the creative brief and commercial objectives according to our ECBM (Engagement, Culture, brand and Mobilisation) model.


What will you receive?

Our outputs focus on key success measures agreed at Foundation to deliver a clear picture of what works and doesn’t work based on Discover and Evaluate.

Our report will deliver clear instructions on actions to be taken to develop the concept to the next stage of development.

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