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Core Digital Optimiser

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Core Digital Optimiser

In every brand category, consumers are researching and shopping for products and services online. Brands that focus on the customer journey are most prepared for future growth.

Improving a brand’s digital user experience (UX) is paramount to both acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

To improve user experience, we apply a combination of the latest in UX theory with cutting edge research technologies.

We call this solution Core Digital Optimiser.

Improving User Experience

We reveal frustrations

Through user testing sessions, we identify points of friction. Within each session we record users face and device screen. These recordings are reviewed by our UX and research experts.

We inform design

After all possible points of friction are collated, we apply UX best practice & behavioural economics theory to mitigate each point of friction resulting in a frictionless user experience.

We plan with experts

Collaborating with Core’s Digital, Search, Social & Creative Practices, we provide an action plan outlining how to improve your user experience to convert visitors into customers.

Removing Friction

Core Digital Optimiser is an award-winning solution that brings together brands and customers to identify points of friction within each step of the customer journey. This solution also helps identify positive aspects of the customer journey which can be leveraged to drive sales.


Points of friction are discussed after user testing session

Friction is one of the highest factors behind online cart abandonment. When you reduce friction, you increase sales.

What will you receive?

A key deliverable from this solution is video content where brands can see from each customer’s perspective what is causing specific pain points and how these pain points are impacting the user experience.

For each step of the customer journey a video and detailed UX report is produced highlighting points of friction and points of consumer delight. This report provides prescriptive recommendations to optimize the user experience.

The result of this process is a detailed action plan that helps brands create the best possible online customer journey with optimised website and app designs that have proven to increase sales performance for our clients.

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