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Employer Branding

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Employer Branding

Employees are a key component of an organisation’s success. In every business sector from SME to multi-national, from tech- start-up to family run, recruiting and retaining skilled and passionate staff can determine how your organisation performs. With many organisations experiencing skill shortages, it is key that you know how to recruit and retain talented people to unlock future growth.

Working in tandem with Core’s Recruitment Practice we have developed a solution that has proven to help employers understand how to attract and retain this talent. By measuring your organisation’s brand performance as an employer and comparing it to the sector in which you operate, we can identify which brand assets to improve and which to leverage in order to achieve your true potential as an organisation.

We call this solution Employer Branding.

Attracting and retaining talent

We shape culture

We use the Employer Brand Key to clash internal culture of an employer with external perceptions and needs to create truisms about the employer brand.

We bring business to life

The employer brand must not exist as an intellectual property, it must be lived across all touchpoints; externally and internally.

We design for impact

Working in collaboration with Core Recruitment, the result of this process is an attractive and defined employer brand, with an admired culture that connects with people.

Our four stage programme

1. Define the challenges when it comes to recruitment and understand all facets of your business at a project kick-off meeting. We will use this session for goal setting and intelligence gathering to inform the Delve stage.

2. Delve into measuring your current brand performance, evaluate the internal and external employer context for your sector. We will gain an in-depth view of where your organisations employer brand stands against competitors and how your brand can connect with current and future employees.

3. Challenge to improve staff recruitment and retention, while remaining aware of commercial realities from the Define stage, we identify areas to improve and brand assets that can be leveraged for recruitment and retention success using rigorously tested strategies.

4. Action workshops will be held in collaboration with Core Recruitment, involving key stakeholders to form an action plan and provide organisations with the tools to build their employer value proposition.

We understand how and why the jobs market is evolving

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