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Persona Enlivenment

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Persona Enlivenment

You want to know what makes your customers tick, so you can uncover, understand and communicate with them in a way that really connects with their world.

We know that traditional segmentation processes can lack depth when looking at customers as mere points of data. Our Persona Enlivenment solution will help you to understand the real people behind the data.

We bring each persona to life by using immersive techniques and help you introduce these personas to your business where they can act as a north star for planning and decision making.

Three Phases

Discovery phase

We review client data and our own datasets in order to build a cultural and values blueprint for each persona that we can explore in the later phases of the research.

Qualitative Engagement

We immerse ourselves into the lives, cultures and needs of the different personas we want to understand. Participants record their views to camera  providing content for our documentaries.

Quantitative Sizing

Through quantitative research, we can report relevant findings back to the business with confidence and clarity that is layered in contextual understanding through the documentaries.

Persona Enlivenment captures the human side of the data and allows your customers to be both seen and heard in a thoughtful and compelling way.

What will you receive?

Persona Enlivenment allows us to bring your customers to the fore by letting them do the talking. In addition to a report, we will also deliver a “mini documentary” video for each persona lasting 2-3 minutes each.

These videos will showcase your customers as they discuss their own worlds and what matters to them most, both in the context of your business and beyond.



Persona Enlivenment is an authentic method of capturing the real people behind your data and bringing them to life on screen in a way that traditional segmentation alone could never achieve.

Having video footage to hand ensures that your customers can always be in the room with you, have their voices heard, and be available to guide you in your planning.

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