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Core Investment

Advantage through scale and innovation.

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Unique, collaborative, and always challenging

We have a centralised approach to media buying and are responsible for combined billings of €220 million. This scale delivers maximum pricing and buying power.

We are Ireland’s largest team, including programmatic advertising, AV, trading (digital, press, radio, outdoor, and cinema) and ad operations.

Our Approach

We centralise buying

By centralising the entire volume of our media spend, we are able to drive value and quality for our clients by harnessing the full media buying power of Core.

We collaborate

A key part of our culture and philosophy is collaboration; it is at the heart of what we do and enables us to secure media properties that are exclusively available to Core clients.

Tech & Transparency

We put data and technology at the centre of every investment decision to ensure the highest ROI  for our clients. Crucial to this is our fully transparent approach.