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Online Research

with consumers during COVID-19.

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Remote Research: Intelligence and Insight

Staying Connected with Remote Research

To stop the spread of COVID-19, we are working and conducting research online.


During these uncertain times, contextual intelligence is more important than ever. We can help you navigate this moment with consumer and market intelligence.

There is a lot of noise in every market. We exist to navigate this noise. We believe business action should be driven by insight and contextual intelligence.

Our expertise in research means we have the ability to develop insights and spot opportunities for clients across all of our Core practices.


Our People

Our Research Experts are here to help.

Naomi Staff

Managing DirectorOpen team member contact

Conor Hughes

Client DirectorOpen team member contact

Guy Perrem

Research DirectorOpen team member contact

Emma Kavanagh

Research DirectorOpen team member contact

Our Solutions

We offer a range of solutions which help brands unlock their potential.

Persona Enlivenment

Understand the real people, behind the data.


You want to know what makes your customers tick, so you can uncover, understand and communicate with them in a way that really connects with their world.

Concept Development Lab

Improve your great idea.


You have an idea for a new creative concept or proposition, and you want to make sure it will excite and connect with your audience.

Core Digital Optimiser

Create a great user experience


Improving a brand’s user experience (UX) is paramount to both acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

Employer Branding

Retain the best talent.


Working in tandem with Core’s Recruitment Practice we have developed a solution that has proven to help employers understand how to attract and retain this talent.

Remote Research

Online Communities

Online insight communities are a real-time responsive and strategic tool. We ensure that you are connected with culture and consumers, in their world, as it happens.

Online Qualitative

We conduct online focus groups, in-depth interviews, website usability, mobile ethnographies online. Conducting online qualitative research is not new for us.

Online Quantitative

We offer a full range of survey techniques including face to-face, CATI and online. Online Surveys are one of the most popular quantitative methodologies used today.

We have years of experience developing solutions to remotely connect with people anywhere.

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