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Core Sponsorship

Harness the power of passion.

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We understand the value of sponsorship

We understand the importance of measuring sponsorship with precision.


We give sponsors the confidence of knowing their investments will deliver their marketing and business objectives.

Our Approach

We focus on value

We magnify the commercial value of sponsorship for sponsors and rights holders using sector experience combined with precision measurement.

We collaborate

Collaborating with Core Creative, Media, Investment and Research, we achieve more in-depth sponsorships that deliver more connection and impact with fans.

We are always proactive

We seek out and deliver the best sponsorship opportunities for our clients, helping them to achieve their marketing objectives and build long-term, positive associations with their customers.

What We Offer

We offer a range of solutions which help brands unlock their potential.

Valuation Model

Cutting-edge software and market understanding to accurately measure the real and potential value of sponsorship across every channel.



National Sponsorship Index

The market’s first and only sponsorship index; a tool to assess the impact of sponsorships based on the most relevant criteria.



Core Sponsorship Tracker (CST)

We have a database of all the available sponsorships in the Irish market across media, sports and events. This allows us to work with our clients to find the best fit for them.



National Fandom Tracker (NFT)

NFT provides in-depth understanding of fan passion across sport, cause & community, venues, music, arts and entertainment. It does this by measuring both the size and the depth of fandom. It allows for analysis across different demographics; including age, geography and gender. The data is updated twice a year.